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The Plano Real and the Global Crisis

The Plano Real and the Global Crisis Stanley Martins Frasão The Provisional Measure [1] 542, of June 30, 1994, ratified afterwards by several others, was converted into the Law 9.069/95, which ruled on the Plano Real and, among other things, established regulations for the transition from Cruzeiro Real, the URV and the Real, especially concerning the conversions of obligations. The aforementioned Provisional Measure altered the currency of the country, commanded the writing in Real of all pecuniary expressions that translated into the national currency, fixed the parity between the Real and the Cruzeiro Real, and between the URV and the Real. The Program of Economic Stability, or Plano Real, is considered the best in combating inflation, among others launched in recent times. More accurately we continue in search of economic stability, for Brazilian inflation, according to the IBGE, measured by the IPCA (families with monthly incomes within 1 to 40 minimal wages), presents the follo

Parliamentary Inquiry Commission of the Penitentiary System

Parliamentary Inquiry Commission of the Penitentiary System Stanley Martins Frasão Recently I have had the opportunity to watch the video presented by the bachelor in Law, Vivian Azevedo Rodrigues, presented on the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Brazilian Penitentiary System, depicting its negative situation and criticizing it. The CPI was created with the goal of investigating the reality of the penitentiary system, focusing on the overpopulation of the detention centers, the economic and social costs established, the permanence of the prisoners who have already finished their term, the violence inside the institutions of the prison system, the corruption, organized crime and its ramifications in the prison facilities, and to seek solutions for the effective implementation of the Penal Law. The aforementioned CPI, after ample studies and analyses of 56 prison establishments in 18 States, presented the Bill 4202/2008 which: (i) alters the procedures for material assist